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Are you tired of dealing with:

  • Slow and Unsatisfactory Delivery?
  • Unstable and High-Latency Copper-based Connections?
  • High Internet Costs?

Milhaus Property group was able to decrease their Internet expenses by 38% and increase their Internet speed by 2500% with FiberX

FiberX is the premier, affordable provider of Gigabit Internet Service, headquartered in Indianapliis, Indiana, and serving the greater United States Midwest. FiberX­-owned network infrastructure allows for a variety of services that recognize and address the needs of residential and small/medium sized business customers alike.

When Milhaus partnered with Fiber X, they saw:

  • 38% decrease in Internet costs and expenses
  • 2500% increase in Internet connection speed (250Mbps symmetrical as opposed to 10Mbps symmetrical)
  • 95% reduction in latency as compared to a copper circuit
  • 75% reduction in installation lead time

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